RIP Boy Oguns !!! BABATUNDE OGUNYEMI [April 21 1961- August 14 2007 ]
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<br>Our beloved "Boy Oguns" died today following an unexpected stroke. Tunde was one of the driving forces that led to the formation of our group in 2003. He played a role in galvanizing support and enthusiasm for this group in ways only few members were aware of. He was extremely actively involved with the planning and conduct of REUNION 2005, even though he never posted public e-mails.

We all have our personal stories about how he wove himself indelibly into our lives. Boy and I were always in the same class group for most of our years at Medilag as our surnames occured in sequence. I miss his vivaciousness, and positive attitude to everything in life. He was a very loyal friend who enjoyed spending time with his old classmates.

Tunde, rest in Peace.

Kofo Ogunyankin.


How will I remember you, Boy- Sola Oluwole

Is it that grin, so impish, so Boy
Is it the frolic of nights gone by
Is it your Spirit, such joie de vivre
Is it the devotion to L, so constant, so true
It's all this yet more

A raging bull in a china store
A heart so gentle, so kind, so tender
Your voice so full of life
Echoes yet in my mind, even from beyond
In form of flesh perhaps no more
Yet in my heart you live ever more

To all who read this I say
A truer friend may not be found
Man but forever Boy, dear friend, I bid you adieu

Adieux boy Oguns a Gentleman's Gentleman- By Olaolu Odemuyiwa (Yogede)
Dear All,

I want to crave everyone's indulgence for just a few minutes and if this
offends anyone I apologize even before I start.As I type this I have tears
in my eyes but grown men don't cry at least we try not to, I have not known
such grieve and pain since my father died four years ago.I am numb and
confused unable to concentrate to get things done,I have not been myself
since I got the text message from Orim after Boy went into cardiac arrest
and resuscitation had failed. According to the circle of life, we are meant
to be burying our parents now and not our wives or colleagues
at times like this God does not really make sense but we all acknowledge him
as the Alpha and Omega and we all have to submit to his will.We were not
given a choice as to where, when how and IF we wanted to come to earth but
we are here all the same.

Boy Oguns was a GOOD man who loved life and worked HARD to provide for his
family of four.I have known him since the early sixties when we attended the
same primary school St Saviours Ebute Metta as his mum and my father were
colleagues at the Nigerian Railway Corporation.From there we both attended
Kings College Lagos and then from there Boy went to Surrey in the UK for his
A levels.Our paths crossed again when we met at Luth where we were
opportuned to meet a lot of you great people.I remember his advice to me
when I got into LUTH about not reading the anatomy manual Cunningham like a
"novel" but to "chew it" for later regurgitation .

We were at the opening of Okowifes hospital in Lagos last year where he
delivered a speech on behalf of Okowifes classmates present.The talk flowed
in impeccable fluent english as boy showed his mastery of the language to
the admiration of the Lagos state Governor, Ministers and all the
dignitaries present.

He loved his wife and kids unconditionally and worked tirelessly to provide
for them.He is survived by his mother and three other siblings.This is
another story,most of us know he lost his father at a very young age.His
father also died suddenly in his late 40s leaving boy Oguns mum with four
kids to raise on her own and she did an incredible job .

Now Elizabeth is left with the task of raising her four children alone.The
pain of losing a loved one is lifelong and one only learns to bear the
burden easier with Gods Grace.As David West said, God will have to help as he
knows what we do not know.

The next 30 years are really going to be challenging to us all.Adieu Boy
Oguns I will try to make the burial wherever it is if I can.This is to give
myself closure. I thank you all for reading this it is therapeutic for me.I
thank Orim and Olor for the updates and being there till the end.

Boy is gone. May his gentle soul rest in everlasting peace!!!!!!!!!


We'll miss Boy Oguns- Deji Rosanwo

Dear All,

This is a trying and difficult time for everyone, especially for those who were very close to Tunde.

As we go through this roller coaster period, let our soul wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for our hope and expectation are from him. He only is our Rock and deliverer; He is our defense and fortress. He is our Rock of unyielding strength and impenetrable hardness, and our refuge is in Him.

I always remember Boy Oguns with that gentle and peaceful smile on his face.
Let us daily, keep Elizabeth and the children in our prayers even as we sow into their lives tangibly with our resources.

Deji Rosanwo


Adieux boy Oguns -Bunmi Omoseyindemi
Dear All,

It is quite distressing to hear that our dear BOY
OGUNS has passed on. I can still recollect the speech
and discussion we had at the opening of Okowife's
hospital last year.I take solace in the fact that life
is a journey.Goodbye Boy Oguns.

Tunde Ogunyemi RIP- Tambi Wakama
Dear All
Its like rising from a nightmarish sleep; you wake up
and wish it is not true. Alas this is no sleep: Tunde
Ogunyemi- our dear 'Boy Oguns' is gone ahead of us to
be with the Lord.

I cannot find the right words and my heart is heavy.
What can we say in all these: "The Lord gives, and the
Lord has taken, Glory be to His Holy name.

Oh death where is your sting, Oh grave where is your
victory. Boy Oguns rest in the Lord till we meet to
part no more.

To Elizabeth, the children and indeed the entire
family, it is our prayer that the Lord who comforts
those who mourn will through His Holy Spirit grant you
comfort and the fortitude to bear the irreparable
loss. Be strong in the Lord and He shall strengthen

Remain blessed.

Tammy Wakama
Tunde Ogunyemi RIP- Nick Azinge

I have been reading all your E-mails, but have been too confused and mesmerised
to articulate and write. You all have said it all. You have all made me cry!!! Now the message to me from The "Boy Oguns" we all know is
"Stop crying and let"s have a little Laugh"
I hope I achieve that in this little joke below, even if only temporarily.

No one is assured tomorrow, May the Soul of my "Near Identical Twin" R.I.P". He was a Yoruba Man with Honorary Ibo priviledges (with handsome Ibo Man face) and I am the reverse.(A Delta-Ibo Man with Yoruba priviledges. ......

Take care guys and let's live everyday to it's fullest but don't spend all your
money today, because tomorrow you may stiil be alive and BROKE.

Nick Azinge.
Boy Oguns, R.I.P - Christian Oraedu
Dear all,

Like most of you, I was shocked to hear of the sudden demise of our dear Boy Oguns. He was so full of life. He is the last person one would have expected to go so suddenly. What he leaves behind are fond memories of his friendly and lively personality - truly a peoples person. He was one who always had a smile on his face and would bring one to yours with his jokes.

I pray for God to give his wife, Elizabeth and his children the strength to bear this irreparable loss - knowing that he is in a better place now and still smiling down on us. Let us do all that we can to support them at this time.

Chris Oraedu


Adieu boy Oguns - Paul Matthew

Dear .. friends

I count myself fortunate to have met Boy Oguns and Elizabeth at the UK reunion after so many years and to have had an extended conversation - I was reminded of his gentle spirit, his wonderful sense of humor, his passion for life, his family and his work. I remember thinking how perfect they were for each other - kindness and dignity personified.

In this time of bewilderment and pain, it is comforting to remember those qualities and hope that we may give further life to them in our lives.

At the reunion, we linked arms and danced in unison to the powerful rhythms of Fela with joy and exuberance - united in the cadence of a shared destiny. For me, it was a transcendent moment - a reminder that we are joined forever even if we may never meet again on this earth.

With love and sympathy to all


"Our hearts are heavy with grief" -- Mosun and Karowei Dorgu

Dear Friends,
When we heard the news of the passing on of our dear friend and brother
"Boy Oguns", our hearts were heavy with grief.
"Boy Oguns", a gentleman, with a kind and warm personality. He lit up
the atmosphere of any occasion with his witty jokes and sense of fun and charm. He loved life and also lived it to the full. We remember the days at Idi araba - block 8, we talked and laughed and ate and shared as students.

May the Lord grant you peace in his eternal rest. "Boy Oguns RIP in light perpetual". And we look forward to day when we will all meet again at the Lord's feet, Amen.

Our dear sister, Elizabeth, we pray that the God of all comfort would comfort you, your lovely children and the entire family at this time of great loss and also send his Spirit to bring his wholeness and shalom into your family.

May God grant us grace to live our lives here on earth with wisdom to number our days and be wise. May the eternal God of love grant us all the grace to know him as
friend through accepting his love for us in Jesus Christ.

And,now, May the peace of God which passes all understanding keep our hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God and of his Son Jesus Christ, and the blessing of God almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with us all, now and for evermore, Amen.

Many blessings in Christ,

Karowei and Mosun

Updated: Aug 16, 2007